How To Earn Money Online Without Investment

People are eager to earn money genuinely and search for different ways. Here are some good websites that you can earn money online without any investment.


If you have free time you can earn online.  There are opportunities to earn online for SKILLED people and NON-SKILLED people. If you have speciifc skills on your own you can use it online and earn. If you don't have any specific skills, still you can earn. Here are some websites which are genuine and you can earn and withdraw money in your bank.



Microworkers is a good site to earn some extra cash. Once registering, you are on and you can do many simple jobs. It has lots of very simple jobs like Signing up for some websites, Upvoting and Downvoting, Transcription of Images(ie, Typing the text in a given Image), Likes comments on Social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube etc.), Website/App testing, Writing and comments on blogs/websites, Searching websites and providing screenshots. You will be paid for these simple works.

Jobs in Microworkers


Clixsense is another genuine site that you can earn real money into your bank. This site pays you for doing the following:

1. Surveys:

Lots of surveys with a pay range of $0.20 to $2.50 will be posted daily. You can complete the surveys and the amount will be credited immediately into your clixsense account.

2. Cash Offers:

There are many cash offers available and you can complete it easily and earn. The cash offers will be like,

a) Playing video games
b) Playing Quizzes
c) Simple sign-ups
d) Downloading and Installation of mobile apps etc.
and more…

3. Tasks:

Daily simple tasks will be posted frequently. These tasks will be very simple and anyone can do. You can earn by completing as many tasks as you can. The tasks are like,

a) Searching an address in a given website
b) Finding the business of a given website
c) Drawing outline boxes on products in a photo
d) Finding some required information from audio

and more…

4. Affiliate Program:

Also, you have the opportunity to add people through your link and you will earn commission from their earnings too.


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