My experience with Raleigh Nepal.


I feel as though by taking part in ICS it has given the chance to develop and blossom into a new, thoughtful well-rounded individual. Prior to coming on the program, I was not confident, I struggled massively with public speaking and have never had the opportunity to get over this fear, up until joining the program. Having been part of the team, which is full of interesting people, has given me a new perspective on life. Working with both UKVs and ICVs has yet again allowed me to gain valuable life experience. The team and I have worked together to complete TPTs in all four committees, by being able to work in each sector, I have developed other skills such as; time management, organization and most importantly from a personal point of view, communication. The most interesting experience is ensuring that the team works well together and building good group dynamics as well as supporting volunteers in their individual roles and in their personal development.


It is clear that I have taken away a huge amount of experience and knowledge from ICS. This programme has built up my confidence levels. I have learnt how to build a relationship with different stakeholders as well as maintain and facilitate an effective working relationship with a wide range of people. It further highlights the huge personal benefits that this program has given me, considering my biggest weakness before the programme was my self-confidence. I am now openly stating that it is because of ICS I now have new found self-assurance and can work with a huge variety of people and express my point effectively.