How filipino Being Creative and artistic for Bike MOdifications

This is the story of three Businessman working for building their dreams.
Looking for better bike habit strolling, customizing every bike parts.


This is the amazing story of a man who wish to have a good bike.

He always used bike going to work and school and his dreams is to make every day physically fit.

so he decided to buy a simple bike and after that he make the most and high quality type of bike.

then one day he started study how is the use of additional speed for their bike he include the basic shimano shimano set which the altus with 7 speed and 3:7 ratio.

Good Handle Bar fit to his arm and the nice seat post.

Good Tire  maxxis tire the 26ers basic for the begginer biker.

Alloy frame its to nice and easy ride with the light weight of 2.2kgs. frame .