Impacts of Immigration

Nowadays, immigration seems to attract more attention than few centuries ago. The world becomes more global regarding the nation economics, investment, relationships between peoples and trade borders are opened up for shipping various goods, products and other things. Humanity emigrates fr


The impacts of immigration have definite consequences. The U. S. is an industrialized country where the immigrant may offer similar benefits. First, they perform the job, which the inhabitants of the host country do not want or cannot do. The illegal workers attract the employer by the fact that they can work for a low salary and without contract. In addition they agree to work overtime even if the conditions are not appropriate. On the other hand, the immigration has numerous disadvantages. It is hard to get use to new people find new friends, immigration can run into potential loneliness and a person may experience difficulties making enough money for a living, especially in expensive countries. However, it seems that immigrants to get much more benefits than local low-income families. The tension and hostility constantly rise. It is important to note that among immigrants there is a great number of criminals who arrive with negative intentions towards the recipient country. For example, the transferring of drugs brings suffering and corruption, and sooner or later it becomes the reason of committed crimes. The impact of immigration creates the political issue where the refugees use the racism to exploit the feelings as well as excuse of vital problems of the local people. The discontentment about immigration tends to spilling over the ill-feelings of the all immigrants who are decent and law-abiding. Many people are suffering or even die while trying to avoid difficulties and their predicament that leads to the attracting headlines as that immigration out of control and illegal in most cases. Furthermore, the people who moved out of their native motherland are unwanted and out of place, get away from their own culture, traditions, habits, parents and relatives.

The Government of the United States first of all should be responsible for the interests of its citizens. The immigration system has to protect the society from the negative impact immigration. But this system is dysfunctional when it comes to the socioeconomic conditions of the America. It is also contributes an already-existing surplus of unskilled workers. The negative effects of the immigration structure were admitted in the reports by the U. S. commission on immigration reform in the time of 1990s. The commission’s recommendations were welcomed by the President Clinton and the Congress, but after that it has been ignored. The immigrants create the negative situation in the host country. The majority of illegal immigrants in the U. S. have a criminal past without any documents to assure that they are law-abiding. Many of them are involved in many criminal activities.

For instance, the 18th Street gang in Southern California is one of the nation's most violent street gangs with a staggering 20,000 members. More appalling is the fact that 60 percent of the 18th Street gang's membership consists of illegal aliens.

This fact makes us to consider this issue seriously in order to avoid the negative consequences and to save the lives of our children.

The conditions of American poorest workers continued to worsen. The immigration system in the U. S. adds a lot of immigrants each year to the labor market in spite of the fact that workplaces have not being created yet. What is more, only a small amount of admissions are based on the educational criteria and professional skills, in such a way, it creates extra unskilled workers who struggle against poverty. Nowadays such thing as “immigrant job” does not exist anymore. The reality is that foreign workers and natives compete for the same work. Consequently, local population is more disadvantages, for the reason that employers have the access to a sturdy supply, to the cheap labor. In conclusion, the impacts of the immigration are obvious, therefore people should think about their future hiring the foreign worker in order to save money.

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