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A lot going on folks,

  1. We have a contest running. Special guest Victor Lavaza (leader of the pack) will be sharing what he does to acquire 100+  new members per day. Victor is from Kenya.
    More about the contest: SIGN UP FREE 
  2. Our Alexa ranking continues to improve, increasing the value of the system and the prospectus of the ILPs beginning the payments on the interest.
  3. We have a pitch deck and white paper and you should take a look as it will give you the same data we see and convinces us Website is heading to become a titan in the new world of block chain and decentralization and crypto currency. Reaching 500 million members within a couple of years is not an exaggeration. We will do it.
  4. Markethive’s wallet is coming soon.
  5. New enhancements and updates within the system.
  6. 3 referrals activate the website faucets. 1000 referrals earn you ILP tokens. A full ILP is valued at $250,000. They return revenue for 20 years Website. Your network, your future.