Pan-fry the potatoes and carrots until lightly browned to keep from falling apart when added to the stew. I also like to briefly saute the bell peppers as it draws out their natural sweetness. This recipe calls for bone-in chicken parts for a more robust flavor but it would work on cubed boneless chicken breast or thigh meat as well. For a smooth and creamy sauce, do not bring to a rapid boil and cook in a gentle simmer lest the coconut milk curdles and separates. Once the curry powder is added in, give the sauce a few minutes to slow cook to allow the spices to release their flavors. Prefer a thicker consistency? Simmer uncovered so the excess liquid will evaporate quickly and the sauce to reduce without overcooking the meat and vegetables.


Chicken curry is my all-time favorite comfort food, which says a lot considering I have a long list of favorite comfort foods. Every time it’s is on the menu, I can’t help but eat my weight in rice. And that, my friends, means A LOT.

This chicken stew is not only a regular on our meal rotation at home but it’s also one of the dishes I often make for the holidays and special occasions. With juicy chicken pieces, tender potatoes and carrots, and colorful bell peppers in a glorious curry-infused coconut sauce, it’s hearty, tasty, and sure to be a crowd favorite.